Recette: Parfait Cookies healthy

Cookies healthy. Browse For Yummy & Hassle-Free Cookie Recipes From Kraft®. When you need a healthy dessert, cookies are always a great option. Not only are they delicious and fun to make, but cookies stay fresh for days after you bake them when stored properly.

Get the recipe from Delish » Pumpkin seeds, goji berry, and chocolate form a tasty trifecta and a superfood cookie. Get the recipe from Texanerin Baking. Oatmeal is well-known as a heart-healthy and antioxidant-rich food. Vous pouvez cuisiner Cookies healthy utilisant 5 ingrédients et 5 pas. Voici comment cuisiner ça.

Ingrédients de Cookies healthy

  1. Préparez 1 de banane mûre.
  2. Vous avez besoin 180 g de flocons d’avoine.
  3. Vous avez besoin 1 de sachet de levure chimique.
  4. Vous avez besoin 1 de compote en gourde.
  5. C’est de Pépites de chocolat.

It's also known to help keep blood glucose levels down and even promote weight loss. Use this new recipe around the holidays to make lighter sugar cookies for Santa, or whip them up year-round as a special snack for any occasion. In a medium bowl, whisk together oats, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. From oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, our lightened variations on this classic cookie can't be beat.

Cookies healthy instructions

  1. Écraser la banane à l’aide d’une fourchette. Ajouter la compote et mélanger..
  2. Ajouter les flocons d’avoine et la levure. Mélanger à nouveau..
  3. Incorporer vos pépites de chocolat..
  4. Faire des tas sur une plaque munie d’une feuille de cuisson..
  5. Enfourner 16 minutes à 170•C !.

Combine dry ingredients and mix very well. Add wet, and form into a big ball. Now make little balls from the big one. Healthy Cookies Cookie's for breakfast, cookies for lunch, cookies, cookies coooookies!! I've also created variations of this, try my Chocolate Chip Healthy Oatmeal Cookie, and my PB & J Healthy Oatmeal Cookie.

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